Study Day Programme

Hypertension in Primary Care: Turning Evidence into Practice
Tuesday 15th May 2018
09.30Registration and Coffee
Professor Helen Stokes - Lampard, Chair of RCGP Council
09.55 Opening Remarks
Dr Chris Clark, BIHS Executive Committee Member
10.00 Session
1: Epidemiology &
Chair: David Fitzmaurice
10.00Novel cardiovascular risk markers in primary care
Dr Chris Clark, University of Exeter, BIHS Executive Member
10.30Optimal strategies for diagnosing hypertension
Professor Richard McManus, University of Oxford, BIHS Measurement Working Party Chair
11.00How to measure blood pressure in difficult situations
Professor Una Martin, University of Birmingham, BIHS Vice - President
11.30Refreshments and Exhibition
2: Diagnosis & Investigations
Chair: Chris Clark
12.00The epidemiology of blood pressure in older people: implications for their care
Dr Wayne Sunman, Nottingham University Hospitals
12.30When to give blood pressure medication: day or night?
Professor Tom MacDonald, University of Dundee
13.00Lunch and Exhibition
3: Treatment Challenges
Chair: Professor Una Martin and Professor Richard McManus
13.50Atrial fibrillation and anticoagulation in primary care
Professor David Fitzmaurice, University of Warwick
14.20Blood pressure variability: how important?
14.50Postural blood pressure: what to do?
Dr Philip Lewis, University of Manchester
15.20Refreshments and Exhibition
4: Hot Topics
Chairs: Professor Francesco Cappuccio and Professor Tom MacDonald
15.40Efficacy vs Effectiveness of Clinical Guidelines
Professor Francesco Cappuccio, University of Warwick, BIHS President
15.40Round Table Discussion
Dr Chris Clark
Professor David Fitzmaurice
Professor Una Martin

16.45Close of Conference